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Useful telephone numbers & adresses

Here you will find some more tips, telephone numbers and websites which might come in handy during your stay at bungalowpark Rien van den Broeke Village.

Nanny service
If you would like to call in the nanny service during your stay at bungalow park Rien van den Broeke Village, please contact the reception at 035-5889900, via email , or simply stop by at the reception for information on prices and availability.

Food Village Schiphol
Food Village Schiphol is a supermarket with first necessities at Schiphol Airport.
Opening hours: daily from 6.00 AM till 12.00 PM.
Telephonenumber: +31 20-6533737

Emergency phone numbers
European alarm number for the police, fire brigade and ambulance: 112
Police, for non-urgent cases: +31 900-8844

Telephone number family doctor centre: +31 900-1515
Telephone number family doctor post: +31 900-9359

Road Service ANWB

Headquarters for all road service posts: +31 800-0888

Public transportation
Train, bus, tram, metro, ferry boats in the Netherlands: +31 900-9292
Trains abroad: +31 900-9296
Timetable trains(NS): www.ns.nl

Tourist information
Tourist information Loosdrecht: +31 35-5823958

Tourist information Amsterdam: +31 900-4004040

Tourist information Utrecht: +31 900-1288732

Weather information
KNMI Weather report: +31 900-8003 (EUR 0,50 per minute)
Meteo Consult line: +31 900-9725 (EUR 0,50 per minute)